I'm happiest when I'm solving problems, and that's why I chose to earn my degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Since then, I've continued to specialize in sustainable product design. My life's goal is to help create a world of sustainable flourishing for all beings and natural systems. I'm interested in working with researchers, entrepreneurs and industry to overcome humanity's greatest challenges by leveraging cutting edge technologies. Through my work as a product design consulant, I have gained many years of experience in rapid prototyping, concept design, IP-rated sealing, microfluidics, project management, and energy efficiency. My greatest skills are creative problem solving, iterative design, sourcing, getting things made, and technical communication. I have developed a reputation for bringing order to chaos (by means of organization and planning), and follow-through.

I live in Vancouver, BC, and I love drawing comics, hiking, travelling, riding bikes and skiing. I've self-published 6 graphic novels, and my work has been featured in over a dozen anthologies, Make Magazine, Reader's Digest and the Toronto Star. I've travelled to South Africa, China, Peru, Japan, Korea, Thailand, throughout Europe, the United States, and across Canada and back. I still love roadtrips to adventure destinations in BC the most, and I'm always down for a good hike. I hope you can become part of my continuing adventures!


Since 2012, I've been a Mechanical Product Design Engineer for a design consulting firm.

In the past few years I've...

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More detail can be found in my portfolio, or you can contact me to request a CV.

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Angela May, Vancouver BC - info AT angelamay DOT ca