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Mechanical Design Portfolio

CAD Experience

8+ years of Solidworks experience including complex assemblies, simulation, sheet metal, routing. 

Hands On Skills

Prototype assembly and testing, as well as 3D printing (Makerbot, Form 2), laser cutting, waterjet cutting.

Rapid Prototyping

Specialist in product design, with an emphasis on first functional prototypes, test rigs, and fast-turn methods


Handheld Submersible Ultrasonic Sensor

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2017)

  • IP-68 Rated enclosure with gaskets and multiple hall effect buttons
  • CNC Delrin enclosure. Preliminary prototypes were 3D Printed.
  • Assembly is 110 Components, 47 unique part files and 103 mates
  • QTY 5 Functional prototypes produced

Custom Vat 

Resin Vat for 3D SLA Printer

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2019)

  • Designed for high volume manufacture (injection mould nylon) 
  • Sourced performance adsheive for challenging application involving UV and chemical resistance
  • Assembly is 5 Components
  • QTY 10 Functional prototypes produced (First revisions 3D FDM printed, then cast urethane with gasketed lids)

IOT Bird Demo

Web-responsive Animated Avatar

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2015)

  • Desktop demonstration of IOT - battery-powered and wifi-connected device which will "flap" in response to tweets that contain a specific hashtag.
  • Designed "flapping" mechanism for bird motion
  • Designed lasercut box, sourced components (3D printed birds, electronics, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries) and coordinated assembly for quick-turn build
  • 70 units designed, assembled and delivered in 2 months

Test Rig

Microfluidics Research Device for Fuel Cells

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2015)

  • Peltier cooled research device to test microcapillary behaviour in Fuel Cells.
  • Also designed goniometer for characterising surface effects of different materials and coatings
  • Included background research into the fundamental physics influencing microcapillary behaviour and droplet hysteresis
  • Designed and assembled sheet metal test rig
  • Developed and administered test protocol, wrote several summary reports referenced by the client's research group in order to inform their design
  • Over 50 custom test pieces (CNC machined) created with iterative geometry.

Magnetic Field Simulator

Benchtop Research Device

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2017)

  • Test device used to simulate oscillating magnetic field using precisely controlled "wobble" motion.
  • CNC Delrin and lasercut acrylic.
  • Assembly is 122 parts with 244 mates
  • QTY 2 benchtop prototypes assembled and delivered.

Assembly Enclosure

Light-tight device for the assembly and calibration of optics

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2019)

  • Enclosure for assembly and calibration of optics for confidential client.
  • Misumi extrusion (80-20) and sheet metal panelling, interlocks on doors, thorlabs breadboard.
  • Network rack and pneumatics system sourced and installed in enclosure.
  • Assembly is 1633 components, 150 unique parts, 13 subassemblies, with 533 mates
  • QTY 1 prototype designed, sourced and assembled in 2 months. Built in 3 days.

Gas System Test Rig

Research device for CO2 Systems

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2018)

  • Research system to provide calibrated CO2 to range of scientific test apparatuses.
  • In this phase also produced a refrigerated chamber with precision control of temperature, oxygen%
  • Integrated with airflow panel and electronics panel
  • Low pressure system (200psi) with swagelok connections, copper tubing.
  • Assembly is 99 components with 43 unique parts and 217 mates
  • QTY 1 prototype delivered to client

Field-Deployable Test Rig

Cryogenic autonomous Trap for live-insect capture

Lead Mechanical Engineer (2018)

  • Field research device for confidential client. Battery-powered autonomous unit.
  • Cascading high-pressure (800psi) CO2 system used for refrigerated storage, venturi capture of samples, pneumatic actuation, lure
  • XY-gantry system for sample indexing
  • Custom insulated container for sample storage and transport (PU foam in custom sheet metal enclosure)
  • Custom CNC aluminum components, sheet metal, 3D printed parts
  • Assembly is 769 components with 198 unique parts in 17 subassemblies
  • QTY 2 fully functional prototypes delivered to client


Proven leader of multidisciplinary engineering teams

(Project Highlights 2015-2018)

  • Led multidisciplinary engineering teams of 4-6 members (industrial design, mechanical design, electrical engineering, firmware and software).
  • Managed budgets up to 200k, timelines of 3-6 months, strategy and priority towards achieving deliverables, client communication.
  • Managed supplier sourcing, procurement, quality control, test planning, technical reporting of projects.
  • Confident speaker and technical presenter
  • Presentation above "Hardware Prototyping Deep Dive: You vs the Unknown"  was for Hardware Massive in Hong Kong, 2018
  • Has also spoken on Prototyping Methods to Singularity University (2017), and moderated a Hardware Design panel at South by Southwest (SXSW 2018). 
  • As a cartoonist, is a regular on a podcast, has been interviewed/featured on multiple youtube channels, spoken on and moderated on numerous convention panels across North America, and has been a featured speaker at the Vancouver Public Library.

Self Directed Learning

Continuing Education Projects

  • Co-founded "electronics club" with a colleague. Met weekly for two years to teach ourselves the basics of electronics in order to expand our skillset. Started with zero knowledge.
  • Completed many tutorial projects on electronics fundamentals based on Forrest Mimm's book "getting started in electronics" and completing the circuit classic kit. 
  • Completed many experiments and tutorials for Arduino, Circuit Playground, and an introductory course on Raspberry Pi
  • Designed, manufactured and successfully assembled a custom PCB using EasyEDA based on a schematic found in a textbook that was first breadboarded, and then perf-boarded.
  • Current project is to create a solar powered mood lamp. To date have sourced and assembled a "sunny buddy" charge controller, sourced and soldered together solar panels, lipo battery pack, buck-boost converter, and sparkfun lumenati 8-pack LED ring. All existing components successfully assembled and tested. Working on integration and testing!
  • Also taken continuing education courses on Python. Completed "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python" offered through Coursera/Rice University. 
  • Self-directed learning for mechanical engineering includes hands-on prototyping skills with sheet metal bending and powder coating, laser cutting, woodworking (jigs and fixtures).

Design Sketching

  • Able to quickly and effectively communicate design concepts using design sketching techniques
  • Can draw freehand with pencil, digitally with tablet (inutos, cintiq, surface), and has taken industrial design-focused courses on marker rendering techniques at Emily Carr.
  • Skilled with Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio, familiarity with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape
  • Side project as a cartoonist, has self published six graphic novels 
Angela May P.Eng

Vancouver, BC

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